Coming soon to a galaxy near you.

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Founded by longtime friends and self proclaimed foodies, Jarrell Cisneros and Nathan Engweiler started making Jedi Chli in 2017 using a 35+ year family recipe as a base.  After years of developing the perfect chili flavor profile, the award winning Jedi Chili is now coming to market.  What started as a passion for creating a rich, flavorful, and hearty bowl of chili for friends and family; has now grown into the opportunity to bring the “The Force” to everyone.

A bright future...

Jedi Chili is a small gourmet food start up operating under Force One Foods LLC.  We sell high quality, award winning, and regionally produced Chili with plans to include a meat only and vegetarian variation.  There will also be spin off products including chili con carne, (hotdog chili), a party dip, and Chili spice kit to make your own Jedi Chili at home.